Our Mission

Have you ever thought about the meaning behind the Semicolon? Contrary to popular belief, the Semicolon isn’t only a punctuation mark, but rather a fundamental motif which advocates for suicide awareness. We, the Paw’s Post, express a double-sided meaning to our collection: to provide eternal support to those who have ever battled mental illness and to pay tribute to our furry friends who walk beside us on our journey. This brand not only commemorates individuals who have persevered through hardships but also animals who have served in ways no human can compare to. No matter what shape or size your animal is, the concept of companionship is central to our product. Join this journey to not only spread awareness, but to discover pieces that bring you closer to your heart or best buddy!

Sam Lower's Story

This is Sam Lower, he is the founder and CEO of The Paw’s Post. He started TPP to commemorate the animals that provide comfort when hardships interact with human’s lives. Throughout his time at a therapeutic program that he attended back in 2019, there was a therapy dog named Baxter. Bax would walk the property handing out love to everyone in his path. There was no question that the dog brightened everyone's day with a simple walk-around. Baxter inspired Sam to take pride in receiving a helping hand when times were hard, so with that, came the inspiration. That inspiration shape-shifted into a brand that Sam has been working on since the summer of 2021. The core goal of the brand is to make a change in how we respect our animals and the extent to which they take to brighten your day.